Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Will...

 The First Step to Change!

To Myself:
                               Be careful of your impulsive nature since you do things without plans for almost everything...
                              Keeps up with your plans because you are very good at planning but always fails at triggering
                             the execution. Remember that being better than the average is not just your forte but belongs
                            to everyone. There are always someone better than you because you allowed them to. There is
                           no such thing a impossible for you. Let me remind you of yourself. There was a time when your
                          father told you, " Son, I believe in your ability to get things done but I have doubt for the start. You
                         always start too late for someone who finishes first. Know that a person like you just leave you
                        behind one day if you keep this up...". This word has came true since you are no longer the best
                       in you own world. But, there are no time for too late. You can change things for the better.
                      Remember your priorty, a life with no priorty is a void, meaningless. The most important thing, have
                     your PRAYERS to remind you and reflect yourself when you see this note.

To My Family:

                    I'm sorry for my actions since the past. I have posed you many problems with my
                    mischievious nature. By all means I love you all but never have the courage to say so.
                    I'm also sorry for all the lies and betrayals I ever gave you. Its true that there were
                     times when I purposely do all those things but that was the mistakes of my own small
                    ignorant existances. I beg your forgiveness.

Mak, abah, orang mintak maaf kat sini andainya orang tak sempat berjumpa mak ngan abah untuk
berbuat demikian. Along, Kak Yong, Kak Ni, Yam, Sapik, Alan, Ayubi, dan ipar-iparku, Kak Masni dan Abang Farid, orang di sini memohon banyak keampunan dan maaf. Sedikit kesal kerana keegoan dan
sifat penakut dalam diri telah menghalang orang daripada melakukan ini secara berdepan. Ini bukanlah peringatan daripada orang yang telah mati, tetapi wasiat seorang hamba Allah yang telah
mengakui maut. Mungkin 'hijrahku' ini tertalu mengejut dan sahsiahku masih cuba menerimanya, tetapi orang akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk terus melaksanakannya. Cukuplah dengan keadaan sengsara dunia masyarakat Islam kita, orang rasa orang patut membantu mereka dan mengubah diri sendiri adalah langkah pertama.

To My Acquintances (teachers and friends):

Please remind me on how I carry myself and if I do go back from my words here, throw it back straight to my face since it was my nature to not go back on my own words if possible. It was the foolish pride of the honest me. I'm sorry my teachers, I do know my behaviors was never appropriate but somewhere in my heart the was never any ill meanings for them. It was part of my learning way to ask the ridiculous questions the intrigued me. To my friends, I know that I always force my opinion on you but it was the view of my confidence and pride. I will never give away my standing, ever! But please try your best to convince my if I'm wrong since I was wrong many times when my intelligence did fail me many times. Aku minta maaf kepada cikgu2 dan rakan2.

* Di sini ingin aku ingatkan bahawa tulislah wasiat untuk dirimu kerana ia merupakan satu cara untuk mengakui maut.
*I would like to remind you that writing " A Will " is a way to acknowledge death.

Yours sincerely with humble transition,
                Pioneer of Legacy
               DOB 3/7/1992

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  1. well if the gol D' roger will is knowns as "the will of D" should i call it the will Of "S" state for ~Syrol~ just do ur best.. always remember all pray from family are by ur side.. insyaallah if what u try to do are bless by Allah everything will be fine...